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Debarge - Time Will Reveal The Complete Motown Albums 2011.rar

Group member Bunny DeBarge revealed the group were given complete creative control because Motown Records founder Berry Gordy liked their sound.[3] Gordy also liked the sound of their brothers' band Switch - who were also signed to Motown - which prompted him to sign DeBarge as well.[3] Originally performing as a gospel group, the siblings changed to performing secular music after gospel music labels didn't know how to market them.[3] After making the move to Los Angeles, DeBarge signed with a small label Source Records- much to Bunny's chagrin.[3] She asked the record company CEO to let them out of their contract, to which he obliged.[3] Their older brother Bobby DeBarge set up a meeting with Jermaine Jackson and Hazel Gordy to sign with Motown[3] as Jermaine and Hazel were also responsible for bringing Switch to the label. Due to them still being contractually obligated to another label at the time, they couldn't speak to the group, as it would have been seen as a breach of contract.[3] After waiting out the label release, the group met with Jackson and were signed to Motown.[3]

Debarge - Time Will Reveal The Complete Motown Albums 2011.rar

Mark DeBarge was initially scheduled to sing lead on "Stay With Me", although no one could locate his whereabouts.[3] At the time, the song was unfinished and the group was hoping to get Mark's input.[3] In the end, Bunny and El were forced to complete the song, with El having to perform lead vocals at the last minute.[3] Bunny also liked the song "Need Somebody", but felt it sounded better before it was mixed.[3] As the track was sent to be mixed, she felt "Need Somebody" lost a lot during the mixing process - feeling it sounded watered down.[3] Bunny also revealed that "Love Me In a Special Way" was originally conceived as a gospel song.[3] The group also wanted to revisit the material from their debut album, for which they felt was mishandled.[3] They decided to use two songs from the album: "Queen Of My Heart", which was included on In a Special Way,[3] while "Share My World" would be included on their next album, Rhythm of the Night. The song "I Give Up On You" was written by James DeBarge with their labelmate Billy Preston and later recorded the song at Preston's house.[3] 350c69d7ab


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