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Gangs of Wasseypur: A Masterpiece of Indian Cinema


If you are a fan of crime movies, you might have heard of Gangs of Wasseypur, a 2012 Indian film directed by Anurag Kashyap. It is a two-part film that tells the story of the coal mafia in the town of Wasseypur in Bihar, India. The film spans three generations of gangsters who are involved in a violent feud with each other.

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What is Gangs of Wasseypur?

Gangs of Wasseypur is a two-part film that was released in 2012. The first part was screened at the Cannes Film Festival and the second part was released a few months later. The film is based on a true story and depicts the history of Wasseypur, a town that was once rich in coal but became a battleground for rival gangs. The film follows the rise and fall of three families: the Khans, the Qureshis, and the Singhs. The Khans are descendants of Shahid Khan, a bandit who was killed by Ramadhir Singh, a coal mine owner and politician. The Qureshis are butchers who work for Ramadhir Singh and have a long-standing enmity with the Khans. The Singhs are allies of Ramadhir Singh and also have their own ambitions.

Why is it a masterpiece?

Gangs of Wasseypur is widely regarded as one of the best Indian films ever made. It has been praised for its realistic portrayal of the underworld, its complex characters, its dark humor, its epic scope, its brilliant soundtrack, and its cinematic style. The film has been compared to classics like The Godfather, Goodfellas, City of God, and Once Upon a Time in America. The film has also been influential in inspiring a new wave of filmmakers and actors who have explored similar themes and genres.

Plot summary

Part 1

The first part of Gangs of Wasseypur covers the period from 1941 to 1995. It begins with Shahid Khan, a bandit who impersonates the legendary Sultana Daku to rob British trains. He is caught by Ramadhir Singh, who kills him and takes over his coal mines. Shahid's son Sardar Khan vows to avenge his father's death and becomes a notorious gangster. He marries Nagma Khatoon and has four sons: Danish, Perpendicular, Definite, and Faizal. He also has an affair with Durga, a Bengali woman, and has another son with her: Fazlu.

Sardar Khan wages war against Ramadhir Singh and his allies, the Qureshis and the Singhs. He forms an alliance with Sultan Qureshi, who is unhappy with Ramadhir Singh's treatment of him. He also befriends Shamshad Alam, a politician who helps him expand his business. Sardar Khan becomes a powerful figure in Wasseypur and challenges Ramadhir Singh's dominance.

However, Sardar Khan's life is not without troubles. He faces opposition from his own family members, who are unhappy with his violent ways and his infidelity. He also faces betrayal from some of his associates, who switch sides to Ramadhir Singh. He also makes enemies with other gangs, such as the Biharis and the Yadavs.

The first part ends with a dramatic shootout at a petrol pump, where Sardar Khan is ambushed by Ramadhir Singh's men. He is shot multiple times and dies on the spot.

Part 2

The second part of Gangs of Wasseypur covers the period from 1995 to 2009. It focuses on Faizal Khan, Sardar Khan's youngest son, who inherits his father's legacy. Faizal is initially a drug addict who has no interest in joining the gang war. However, after his elder brother Danish is killed by Sultan Qureshi's men, he decides to take revenge.

Faizal becomes a ruthless leader who eliminates his enemies one by one. He kills Sultan Qureshi, Shamshad Alam, J.P Singh, Shafiq Khan, Fazlu Khan, and many others. He also marries Mohsina Hamid,


Themes and motifs

Gangs of Wasseypur explores various themes and motifs that reflect the socio-political and cultural aspects of India. Some of the prominent themes are:

  • Revenge and violence: The film revolves around the cycle of revenge and violence that consumes the lives of the characters. The film shows how revenge becomes a driving force for the characters, who are willing to sacrifice everything for it. The film also depicts the brutal and graphic nature of violence, which is often motivated by greed, power, and ego.

  • History and identity: The film traces the history of Wasseypur and its people, who are shaped by their past and their present. The film shows how history influences the identity of the characters, who are often defined by their caste, religion, and profession. The film also shows how history repeats itself, as the same conflicts and patterns emerge across generations.

  • Politics and corruption: The film exposes the nexus between politics and crime, which is prevalent in India. The film shows how politicians use criminals as their pawns, and how criminals use politics as their shield. The film also shows how corruption affects every aspect of society, from law enforcement to media to judiciary.

  • Gender and sexuality: The film portrays the patriarchal and misogynistic culture of India, where women are often oppressed and exploited by men. The film shows how women are treated as objects of desire, lust, and violence by men. The film also shows how women resist and challenge the male domination, by using their sexuality, intelligence, and courage.

Characters and performances

Gangs of Wasseypur features an ensemble cast of talented actors who deliver stellar performances. Some of the notable characters and performances are:

  • Sardar Khan (Manoj Bajpayee): Sardar Khan is the protagonist of the first part of the film. He is a ruthless gangster who seeks revenge for his father's murder. He is also a womanizer who has two wives and five sons. Manoj Bajpayee portrays Sardar Khan with charisma and intensity, capturing his complex personality.

  • Faizal Khan (Nawazuddin Siddiqui): Faizal Khan is the protagonist of the second part of the film. He is Sardar Khan's youngest son who inherits his father's legacy. He is initially a drug addict who has no interest in joining the gang war. However, after his elder brother's death, he becomes a cold-blooded killer who eliminates his enemies one by one. Nawazuddin Siddiqui portrays Faizal Khan with brilliance and nuance, showing his transformation from a passive spectator to an active participant.

Nagma Khatoon (Richa Chadda): Nagma Khatoon is Sardar Khan's first wife and mother of three sons. She is a strong-willed woman who supports her husband in his quest for revenge. She is also a loyal wife who tolerates her husband's infidelity. Richa Chadda portrays Nagma Khatoon with grace and dignity, showing her resilience and

Reception and legacy

Critical acclaim

Gangs of Wasseypur received widespread critical acclaim from both Indian and international critics. The film was praised for its realistic and gritty portrayal of the underworld, its engaging and complex narrative, its memorable and well-written characters, its dark and witty humor, its eclectic and catchy soundtrack, and its innovative and stylish direction. The film was also lauded for its performances, especially by Manoj Bajpayee, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Richa Chadda, and Tigmanshu Dhulia.

The film has a rating of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 20 reviews, with an average rating of 8.5/10. The website's critical consensus reads, "An epic gangster drama that earns its extended runtime, Gangs of Wasseypur represents a major achievement for Indian cinema." [21] On Metacritic , the film has a score of 89 out of 100 based on 7 critics, indicating "universal acclaim". [22]

The film was also well received at various international film festivals, such as Cannes , Sundance , Toronto , and Sydney . The film was hailed as a masterpiece of Indian cinema by several critics, who compared it to classics like The Godfather , Goodfellas , City of God , and Once Upon a Time in America . The film was also included in several lists of the best films of the 21st century by various publications, such as The Guardian , BBC , Sight & Sound , Empire , and Film Comment . [8] [23] [24] [25] [26]

Controversies and challenges

Gangs of Wasseypur faced several controversies and challenges before and after its release. The film was banned in Kuwait and Qatar for its violent content. [15] [16] The film also faced legal issues from some of the real-life characters depicted in the film, such as Ramadhir Singh's son J.P Singh, who filed a defamation case against the filmmakers. [27] The film also faced protests from some sections of the society, such as the Qureshi community, who objected to the portrayal of their caste as butchers and criminals. [28]

The film also faced difficulties in finding distributors and exhibitors in India, due to its length and certification. The film was originally shot as a single film measuring 319 minutes, but no Indian theatre agreed to screen it. Therefore, the film was divided into two parts for the Indian market. The film also received an A certificate (adults only) from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), which limited its audience reach. The filmmakers also had to make some cuts and changes to the film to appease the CBFC. [29]

Influence and impact

Gangs of Wasseypur has been influential in inspiring a new wave of filmmakers and actors who have explored similar themes and genres in Indian cinema. The film has been credited with popularizing the crime drama genre in India, which was previously dominated by mainstream Bollywood films. The film has also been influential in introducing new styles and techniques of filmmaking, such as non-linear storytelling, long takes, handheld camera work, natural lighting, realistic dialogue, folk music, and regional dialects.

The film has also been influential in launching the careers of several actors who have become prominent names in Indian cinema,

such as Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Richa Chadda, Huma Qureshi, Pankaj Tripathi, and Vineet Kumar Singh. The film has also been influential in popularizing the culture and dialect of Wasseypur and Bihar, which have become a part of the Indian pop culture.


Gangs of Wasseypur is a masterpiece of Indian cinema that deserves to be watched by every film lover. It is a film that transcends its genre and its region, and offers a universal story of human nature, power, and violence. It is a film that showcases the best of Indian filmmaking, with its brilliant direction, writing, acting, music, and cinematography. It is a film that challenges the conventions and stereotypes of Indian cinema, and creates a new benchmark for quality and excellence. It is a film that will stay with you long after you finish watching it.


  • Q: Is Gangs of Wasseypur based on a true story?

  • A: Yes, Gangs of Wasseypur is based on a true story of the coal mafia and the gang wars in Wasseypur. The film is inspired by the real-life characters and events that took place in Wasseypur from 1941 to 2009. However, the film also takes some creative liberties and fictionalizes some aspects of the story for dramatic effect.

  • Q: How long is Gangs of Wasseypur?

  • A: Gangs of Wasseypur is originally a single film that measures 319 minutes (5 hours and 19 minutes). However, due to its length, it was divided into two parts for the Indian market. The first part is 160 minutes (2 hours and 40 minutes) long and the second part is 159 minutes (2 hours and 39 minutes) long.

  • Q: Where can I watch Gangs of Wasseypur?

  • A: Gangs of Wasseypur is available to watch on various online platforms, such as Netflix , Amazon Prime Video , YouTube , Google Play , iTunes , and Hotstar . You can also watch it in select theatres that screen Indian films.

  • Q: Who are the main actors in Gangs of Wasseypur?

  • A: Gangs of Wasseypur has an ensemble cast of talented actors who play various roles in the film. Some of the main actors are Manoj Bajpayee as Sardar Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Faizal Khan, Richa Chadda as Nagma Khatoon, Huma Qureshi as Mohsina Hamid, Tigmanshu Dhulia as Ramadhir Singh, Pankaj Tripathi as Sultan Qureshi, Vineet Kumar Singh as Danish Khan, Jaideep Ahlawat as Shahid Khan, Reema Sen as Durga, Piyush Mishra as Nasir, Zeishan Quadri as Definite Khan, Rajkummar Rao as Shamshad Alam, and Anurita Jha as Shama Parveen.

  • Q: Who directed Gangs of Wasseypur?

  • A: Gangs of Wasseypur was directed by Anurag Kashyap , one of the most acclaimed and influential filmmakers in India. He is known for his realistic and gritty films that explore the dark and complex aspects of Indian society. Some of his other notable films are Black Friday , Dev.D , Ugly , Raman Raghav 2.0 , Mukkabaaz , Manmarziyaan , and Sacred Games .


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