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[TOP] Anno 1404 Gold Edition (GOG) SKIDROW ^HOT^

Although quests are not new to Anno 1404, both it and its expansion Venice feature far more quests than previous games in the series. Quests are given at different intervals to the player by neutral powers, mentors like Northburgh and Al Zahir, and from various people living in the player's settlements. Computer opponents, if they become allies through diplomacy, will also offer quests to the player. Quests offer rewards such as honour points, ships, gold, goods or upgrades for settlements or ships (such as items to boost goods production in a settlement or increase the firepower of a ship). There are several quest types, including fetch quests, reverse fetch quests, sinking enemy ships, or finding specific individuals in a settlement (a mini game similar to Where's Waldo). Some of these quests can be quite complicated, with multiple smaller quests in the chain. The Anno 1404: Venice expansion adds 300 new quests and two new types of quests: trading race and ship boarding.

[TOP] Anno 1404 Gold Edition (GOG) SKIDROW

Someone made a handy calculator that lets you calculate how many production buildings you need with your current population. anno1404-rechner.deTable with needs for each different population level: screenshot

Also its worth while to install the anno 1404 unofficial patch which fixes some issues and also adds some interesting features such as supply chain information on buildings ingame when you hover over them. 350c69d7ab


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