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Dp Technology Esprit 2015 Crack

DP Technology ESPRIT 2015: A CAM Solution for Increased Productivity and Automation

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) is a process of using software to control machine tools and related machinery in the manufacturing of workpieces. CAM software can help increase productivity, reduce errors, optimize toolpaths, and automate machining operations. One of the leading CAM software in the industry is ESPRIT, developed by DP Technology Corp., a company that has been innovating in the CAM field since 1982.


In March 2015, DP Technology announced the release of a new version of its flagship product, ESPRIT 2015. ESPRIT 2015 is designed to help users achieve higher levels of efficiency and quality in a full range of machine tool applications, from 2-axis to 5-axis milling, turning, wire EDM, multitasking, Swiss-turning, and more. ESPRIT 2015 offers many new and improved features in the areas of intelligent machining, strategic machining, CAD-CAM data exchange, and cloud-enabled CAM.

Intelligent Machining

Intelligent machining features in ESPRIT 2015 aim to accelerate the machining process by providing new and unique 5-axis cycles that reduce cycle time and improve surface finish. For example, ESPRIT 2015 introduces a new 5-axis blade roughing cycle that can completely machine blades in a single setup. The blade roughing cycle morphs the tool motion across the blade from any size stock shape to uniformly offset the stock allowance, so that it can be immediately followed by a finishing cycle. This eliminates the need for intermediate semi-finishing operations and reduces air cutting.

Another new 5-axis cycle in ESPRIT 2015 is the port roughing cycle, which creates a roughing operation to remove the material inside an area where the tool must enter through a restricted opening. The port roughing cycle generates an offset toolpath of the port surfaces, starting at the surface and proceeding inward at a constant stepover. This ensures that the tool does not gouge or collide with the walls of the port and avoids unnecessary retracts and plunges.

Strategic Machining

Strategic machining features in ESPRIT 2015 enhance the machining capabilities of ESPRIT by providing more options and flexibility for tool selection, toolpath generation, and stock management. For instance, ESPRIT 2015 supports slot mill tools in the port milling and composite cycles, allowing users to machine narrow slots and grooves with high accuracy and efficiency. Slot mill tools are also supported in the facing, contouring, and pocketing milling cycles.

Another strategic machining improvement in ESPRIT 2015 is the redesigned stock automation function for multitasking machines with mill, turn, and drill capabilities. The stock automation function maintains awareness of the stock removed by previous operations and generates cutting passes only in areas where stock remains. This greatly reduces air cutting and optimizes toolpath length.

CAD-CAM Data Exchange

CAD-CAM data exchange features in ESPRIT 2015 facilitate the seamless integration of ESPRIT with various CAD systems and formats. ESPRIT 2015 supports direct file reading from popular CAD programs such as SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA V5/V6, Siemens NX, Pro/E Creo Parametric, PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express/Pro/Expert/Mechanica/Engineer Wildfire/Elements Pro/Elements Direct Modeling/Direct Drafting/Direct Drawing Manager/Direct Feature Recognition/Direct Model Manager/Direct Sketch/Direct Interface for Creo Parametric/Direct Interface for SolidWorks/Direct Interface for NX/Direct Interface for CATIA V4/V5/V6/Direct Interface for Inventor/Direct Interface for Solid Edge/Direct Interface for Parasolid/Direct Interface for ACIS/Direct Interface for STEP AP203/AP214/AP242/Direct Interface for IGES/Direct Interface for VDA-FS/Direct Interface for STL. This allows users to import CAD models directly into ESPRIT without losing any geometric information or features.

ESPRIT 2015 also supports direct file writing to various CAD formats such as Parasolid XT/X_B/X_T/XMT/XMT_TXT/XMT_BIN/XMP/XMP_TXT/XMP_BIN/Parasolid Binary/Parasolid Text/Parasolid XML, ACIS SAT/SAB/ASAT/ASAB, STEP AP203/AP214/AP242, IGES, VDA-FS, STL. This enables users to export ESPRIT models and toolpaths to other CAD systems for further editing or verification.

Cloud-Enabled CAM

Cloud-enabled CAM features in ESPRIT 2015 leverage the power of cloud computing to enhance the user experience and productivity of ESPRIT. For example, ESPRIT 2015 provides access to the ESPRIT Online Shop, a web-based platform that allows users to browse, download, and purchase ESPRIT add-ons, such as post processors, machine definitions, cutting tools, and more. The ESPRIT Online Shop also offers a feedback system that lets users rate and review the add-ons they have used.

Another cloud-enabled CAM feature in ESPRIT 2015 is the ESPRIT FX Cloud, a service that allows users to access the ESPRIT FX feature recognition technology from any device with an internet connection. The ESPRIT FX Cloud can automatically identify and extract features from any CAD model, regardless of the CAD system or format. The features can then be imported into ESPRIT for easy programming and machining.


ESPRIT 2015 is a CAM solution that offers many benefits for users who want to increase their productivity and automation in machining. ESPRIT 2015 provides new and improved features in the areas of intelligent machining, strategic machining, CAD-CAM data exchange, and cloud-enabled CAM. These features help users generate more efficient toolpaths, save time in CNC programming, integrate with various CAD systems and formats, and access online resources and services. ESPRIT 2015 is a CAM software that can meet the needs and challenges of today's manufacturing industry.


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