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[S3E11] Buried Secrets

In this episode a lot of the past is dug up, literally. Billy Quizboy finds a mysterious message hidden in an old episode of the Rusty Venture cartoon that leads him to a buried box next to Brock Samson's room. The contents of the box divulge the secret origin of the Guild of Calamitous Intent and the entire purpose for why Brock was assigned to protect the Venture Family.

[S3E11] Buried Secrets

Additionally, JoBeth Williams (Poltergeist), Harris Dickinson (Some Girls) and Sawyer Barth (Black Box) have landed co-starring roles in the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced project, which delves into the secrets lingering behind the façade of a seemingly idyllic suburban family.

Home centers on the not-yet-cast Rose Altman, an accomplished designer with a successful business who is expecting a child with husband Joe (Buchan), a highly regarded prison psychologist. But her image of her perfect family is shattered when she discovers long-buried secrets that threaten to destroy the very foundation of her life.

Is it a flashback or a dream sequence to start tonight's episode? Well, a little bit of both since we see Felicity expressing concern over Oliver heading off to fight Ra's al Ghul. Things turn a bit sexy when Oliver confesses his love for her, right before they get downright gruesome as Oliver coughs up blood and glances down to see a sword buried in his stomach.

Thea and "Chase the DJ" have an awkward meet-up outside Club Verdant. Soon, Malcolm arrives to order Thea to leave Starling City, but she refuses because he won't come clean with her about what's got him so spooked. Meanwhile, Roy is checking on her from the wings. He shows up at Malcolm's place to threaten the older man, saying he'll reveal all of Malcolm's dark secrets to his daughter if he doesn't stay out of her life.

Olivia Dunham, Phillip Broyles, and the Bishops arrive at a secret U.S. government facility. As the soldiers check their IDs, Walter asks for some gum. Inside, Nina Sharp is meeting with the head scientist, Dr James Falcon, who is reporting that he's achieved no response yet. She goes to meet with the team, and Broyles explains that they've broken the encryption on Fauxlivia's laptop, thanks to Peter's work. However, the vital information is buried among all of her mundane observations on This Side. They see the assembled device for the first time, which stands over two stories high.

Nine months after she was buried, he says, Syd called him from Rome, where she had escaped from The Covenant. She told him that she saw her funeral, paralyzed by a neurotoxin, from the back of a van. Her torturer, Oleg Madrczyk, had injected Syd's DNA into the teeth of a corpse, causing a false identification. She was taken to St. Petersburg, where she was called Julia Thorne and brainwashed. She killed a Covenant prisoner to prove her readiness. 041b061a72


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