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[S1E9] Protest Tacos

During the Pasta Making Challenge, Ralph was rolling the machine to make the dough to the correct thickness and put the pasta on Andrew's arms. The blue team lost the challenge, managing to get only 2,41 lbs. of pasta acceptable, compared to the red team's 2,45. They were punished by making all the remaining pasta for the following evening's pasta-themed service. He tried to protest their defeat as he felt the red team's pasta looked unappealing, and that his grandmother. However, Ramsay told the blue team to act like good losers, but he was very upset as he still had not to get out of the restaurant since the beginning of the competition. When the red team left for their reward, he and Jessica felt they were getting the shaft every time. During the punishment, he was very aggravated by their loss, how they lost multiple challenges, and felt they could be working until 3 AM.

[S1E9] Protest Tacos

Lorraine's family includes her grossly overweight and relatively passive husband Carl Swanson, Sr. (Paul Vogt), her overweight son Carl Swanson, Jr., both of whom she often has videotape her zany exploits, a tomboyish daughter named Bobby Swanson (Bobby Lee) and another son named Lil' Mo, only seen in "Lorraine Goes Camping. The Swanson family also has a large number of dogs. Easily bemused by simple things, Lorraine often comes across as not being particularly educated on worldly issues, however her attempt to incite anti establishment protests at Florida University, which collimated in an attempt to flee from campus police, when she was recording a visit on behalf of her son Carl Jr, who could not visit the college himself due to having contracted a case of mononucleosis, hints that Lorraine may have a past history of advocacy. Lorraine runs from the police a second time in the same skit upon the officer's attempt to arrest her for public nudity when she strips off her bathing suit at a beach. In the skit of Lorraine at a Mardi Gras in New Orleans, it is revealed that Lorraine is proficient at playing the clarinet. She also does her trademark cough/laugh in rhythm along with the song "When The Saints Go Marching In."

Marco enjoys being with Alfonzo and Ferguson, calling them the coolest kids at school (although he questions this occasionally). After Ferguson becomes the mascot of the school's football team, Marco fears that the rival team, the Warriors, will kidnap him, so he does everything he can to keep his friend safe, despite Ferguson's protests. Marco cares about his two friends quite a lot, and became devastated after believing Ferguson had died due to one of Star's landmines. Marco and Alfonzo's relationship has yet to be seen in great detail, but it can be assumed that it is similar to Marco and Ferguson's. In "Sophomore Slump", Marco briefly gets into a fight with them due to his constant talking about Mewni, but they reconcile shortly before Marco leaves Earth. In "Britta's Tacos", Marco reunites with Alfonzo and Ferguson, who are overjoyed to see him.

Someone can take your picture doing anything at any time, there is really no expectation of privacy when there are social media involved. So whether you're taking it posting it, whether your friends taking it with somebody, if you are dressing up, and you're going out in public, and you're doing something and someone says, hey, that's Mark from Lawson Lundell. I know him. That's all it takes and then all of a sudden someone starts to forward that email or that tweet or post, and everyone can see it. And, you know, it's not just your name, it's this is Mark from Lawson Lundell. All it takes is one person to identify what you're doing. And then one client of the firm of the employer of the company work for whatever it is to say to, you know, your higher ups, I found that really offensive. You know, I know this person, you know that I deal with them all the time, it says your receptionist at your car rental company, and now I feel intimidated or less likely to come in there. That's really all it takes. That, you know, again, the number one test is how does this harm the company's reputation or product. And if you're going to dress up protest, go out there make a public stance, you can expect to have your picture out there. And once it's out there, then it's out there. 041b061a72


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