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BTS: Bon Voyage 4 - The Best Moments of BTS in New Zealand

I know this might come across as cheap and harmful to BTS, wanting to watch something I have to pay for for free, but not only am I too broke to buy it online, my situation at home limits me from even watching YouTube videos when I'm online. So the best solution for me is honestly downloading them onto my computer and watching the episodes as video files on my computer; it's what I did for the other 3 seasons. The ARMY who was kind enough to upload links to the episode downloads to their channel was terminated on YouTube and I've yet to find anyone else as helpful as them (Kookie'sTimberlands)

I don't care about the judgement and hate I'll probably get from this post, I just wanna watch my boys having fun in New Zealand. :( And for anyone helpful enough to provide a place for me to watch and download, I sincerely thank you for your help. :)

bts bon voyage 4 download

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BTS sets out on another adventure on BTS Bon Voyage Season 4!Following their adventures in Scandinavia, Hawaii, and Malta, the members head to New Zealand for a trip of their own, as would any other young people in their 20s. It is a journey of their dreams as BTS goes on an RV road trip, enjoying various activities and experiencing the mind-blowing nature of New Zealand.Venturing the extraordinary spectacles in the land of the Kiwi on their fourth adventure, BTS shares real and wholesome moments of endless joy and laughter, as well as their personal stories off stage.(Source: Edit Translation


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