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Ipad Pro Discount Best Buy

The retailer is offering the 128 GB version at $300 off the MSRP, bringing it down to $799.99 (opens in new tab), with the same discount found on the 256 GB version, and $400 off of the 512 GB version (opens in new tab).

ipad pro discount best buy

And, if you can spot a deal on Apple's most powerful and impressive tablet -- the iPad Pro -- it's worth buying. The iPad Pro is by far the most expensive tablet Apple makes, but there are still discounts to be had, especially around the holiday shopping season.

While ZDNET editors are collecting the best iPad deals we could find in a separate guide, I couldn't help but notice there are so many iPad Pro models on sale. Whether you want last year's model (5th generation) or the latest and greatest with an M2 chip (6th generation), there are dozens of discounts available at all the top retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo.

We chose these deals on iPad Pro models based on the discounted price and how often a specific model goes on sale. Deals on iPad Pro tablets change weekly and even daily, so if you're interested in the best discounts, be sure to check a retailer's website often for deals of the day.

We track the various resellers who sell the iPad Pro in the U.S. and U.K., so we always have details of the best prices and best discounts. Read on to find the best place to get a great deal on a new iPad Pro right now!

The M2 iPad Pro models launched in October 2022, but you may already be able to get a deal on one of the new models. Look thought the tables below to find the best discounts. These tables will always be up to date with the latest prices for each iPad Pro. For even bigger savings, the 2021 iPad Pro models can be found in the section below this one.

Starting today, My Best Buy members will receive special access to new discounts on Apple products including everything from iPad to MacBook to Apple Watch and more. New deals will be available each week.

iPad Black Friday deals arrive early with up to $400 off the 12.9-inch iPad Pro at Best Buy. Still one of the best iPads for power-users, it's now significantly cheaper than the new M2 12.9 iPad Pro.

Apple's 12.9-inch iPad Pro is one of the best tablets to buy. It's fast, portable and lasts up to 11 hours on a full belly. The base model iPad Pro packs a 12.9-inch Retina XDR Display, M1 8-core processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

We've rounded up all the best iPad deals available right now so you can pay the lowest price for one of Apple's premium tablets. No matter which model is on your shopping list, find all the biggest discounts and the latest sales just below on some of the devices that we think are the best tablets you can buy today.

There are savings available across many models right now, so you don't have to pay full price with the iPad deals we've gathered below. We've searched around and brought you the best ones right here, though some of the biggest discounts might be behind us for a while following the start of year sales. That said, the entry-level iPad 10.2 has been spotted for its cheapest price ever a number of times already over the last few months.

It's best to go in without any expectations of significant price cuts on the newest tablets just yet. You can check out our iPad 10.9 (2022) review and iPad Pro 12.9 (2022) review for our thoughts on whether these models are worth buying either at full price or if it's best to wait until they are finally on sale.

And if you need some guidance on which model to buy, we've also taken into consideration whether it's best to upgrade to a new version, or whether it'd be better to stick with an older model if the difference in price is big enough. Sometimes it's worth sacrificing the slight performance upgrade to get a cheaper iPad, while other times it's worth paying a little extra to get the superior product.

If you need a breakdown of all the differences between each model, then do check out our guide to the best iPad for even more detail. You can also follow our hubs featuring all the latest iPad Air deals and iPad Mini deals if you know either of those specific tablets are for you.

As far as powerful everyday tablets go, the standard iPad has been one of the top choices out there for some time and is regularly featured on our list of the best tablets. The larger screen, sleeker design, upgraded cameras and USB-C charging are huge improvements, but it is such a huge jump in cost compared to the previous model that it does lose its value for money edge.

The iPad 10.2 (2021) launched at $329/319, which is around the same price as the previous model. Keep an eye out for discounts of up to $80 as we've seen that a number of times in recent months, though nothing has matched it in the UK just yet. There are sometimes discounts on the larger storage model, too, and the best we've seen is up to $50 off the usual price.

Now that the 2020 version is discontinued and any existing stock is now sold out, your best option is to go for this version. Overall, you get plenty of value for money here, so anyone shopping on the cheaper end of the scale should go for this standard iPad 10.2 model.

Of course, the obvious is the smaller screen size, but it also isn't a mini-LED display so it lacks the same levels of contrast and brightness as the larger model. There's still the powerful M2 chip inside, though, which is more than enough to handle the most advanced work of graphics and editing pros. Those with less demanding needs but still after some extra power, might be best served by the iPad Air for a similar screen size but at a more palatable price point.

This also means that deals on these older models are harder to find as stock is limited. That said, some stores may look to shift any remaining units with bigger price cuts, so we've dropped today's best deals just below in case there's a real standout bargain.

Prices for the latest iPad Air (2022) start at $599 / 569 for the standard WiFi-only model with 64GB storage. A model with 256GB of storage is also available, as well as versions with 5G support. There's very little to mention yet in terms of deals, but Walmart did surprise us during the pre-order phase with discounts of up to $60 on Apple's latest tablet. Naturally, that sold out very quickly. It is currently $30 off at Amazon, though.

We've seen fewer deals on the iPad Air (2020) recently as the more modern iPad Air is here - and this older model is being slowly discontinued. If you can find it reasonably discounted, we still think this is a solid middle-ground option between the standard 10.2 model and Pro when it comes to value and performance, though.

Still, it comes down to price. This version of the iPad Air starts at $599 / 579 / AU$899 and we've seen it for as low as $489 / 450 in the past. So, the latest model is generally around the same price now - and sometimes cheaper with the biggest discounts. Because of that, we'd suggest going with the newest version for the most up-to-date tech, however, a massive price cut could make this a better option if you're looking to spend as little as possible on a powerful tablet.

The iPad Air (2019) received a considerable performance boost over its predecessors, but today can't compete with the likes of the latest iPad Air. Given it's three years old now, too, there is essentially no brand new stock available to buy and Apple has stopped manufacturing the tablet. Based on that, we suggest you spend your money on the latest 2022 version or hold off for any bigger discounts on the 2020 model.

Of course, all those upgrades come at a price. The iPad mini (2021) starts at $499/479, so it's clearly an expensive bit of kit. We've spotted a few deals that have taken around $40 off the price, but this varies a lot based on the color you choose with the less popular Pink and Purple usually getting more frequent discounts.

If you're looking for a cheap iPad, the 10.2-inch 2021 flagship model is likely your best bet. This everyday tablet comes with super-fast tech under the hood, compatibility with a range of accessories to enhance the experience for work or play, as well as a competitive price tag. The newer 10.9-inch model is an option, too, but it is more expensive, so we suggest getting the cheaper model while you can.

However, if you're going to be using your tablet for anything other than light everyday browsing, streaming and the odd game you might want to scale up to the iPad Air. That has the extra power to play a few more games or run a couple of Adobe programs. The deals we've seen on this iPad model are also a little more stable, with most retailers offering permanent discounts on the recommended price.

If you're looking to splash out with a few extras for your new tablet, why not take a look at the best Apple Pencil deals or the latest Magic Keyboard deals going right now to fully accessorise your purchase?

Even with the addition of the 10th-generation iPad, we still think the ninth-generation iPad (8/10, WIRED Recommends) from 2021 is the best iPad for most people. It's the most affordable (and has dipped as low as $250). It has the same shape and size as its predecessors, so all current accessories will work, including the first-generation Apple Pencil and Apple's Smart Keyboard. It retains the classic Home button with Touch ID plus thick borders around the 10.2-inch screen.

The latest standard tablet from Apple's labs, the iPad 10.2in (9th-gen, 2021), is very much an iterative update but it's undeniably a welcome one and maintains its position as the best-value iPad out there. Physically, it's identical to the 8th-gen model from 2020, with the same design, dimensions and 10.2in 2,160 x 1,620 IPS touch display. But there is a small handful of updates that makes it upgrading, if not from last year's iPad, then definitely from the 2019 or 2018 models.

It doesn't have the same screen appeal as the iPad Pro, but it comes remarkably close considering how much cheaper it is. Battery life is almost on par with the iPad Pro, too, and display brightness and colour accuracy are as good as we've come to expect from an Apple device. For those who want the best balance of price and performance, the iPad Air 5 is clearly the iPad to choose right now. 041b061a72


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