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Buy Stone Planters

Stone planters may be beautiful, but they are also bloated with drawbacks. There are a number of reasons that stone planters can cause more headaches than they are worth. If you are thinking about investing in stone planters, we must warn you there are a few things you should know before casting the first stone. In this blog we detail the top 7 drawbacks to stone planters.

buy stone planters

The actual weight of stone planters often goes unrealized. Take 2 planters that are same exact size, shape, and level of attractiveness, one of these planters is resin and the other is stone. The resin planter will weigh 35 pounds, and the same planter made of stone is going to weigh an incredible 600 pounds. This not only impacts how easy the planter is to move once situated in place, but it also greatly increases shipping and delivery costs as well.

If you picture a run down neighborhood you can almost visualize the stained stone planters that line the streets. No matter how hard one tries, the stains that inhibit a stone planter cannot typically be removed. Overtime outdoor planters are prone to stains, either from birds constantly using the planter as a poop deck, or because rebels come by with their spray cans late one night. Regardless of the cause, a stone planter is going to stain, absorbing the colors like a sponge.

Resin is one of the only planter materials actually resistant to all kinds of stains, including paint. In fact, you can remove stains from resin planters using a sponge and basic store-bought cleaner.

Once stone planters are formed they cannot be recycled and broken down for another use. Once it breaks down in a few years, it will go to pollute a landfill somewhere. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, resin planters are made from recycled materials and are recyclable.

Another issue with stone is that it is incredibly dense. If a golf cart bumps into a stone planter, the dent will be obvious and irreversible. This means it only takes one accident to ruin a stone planter.

Stone planters are big, bulky, heavy and equally as expensive. So not only will you have to replace your stone planter within a short amount of time, but it will cost you more to buy it the first and second time around.

Due to the porous nature of stone, the elements can seep right inside of your planter, causing damage from the inside out. Porous products will always end up warped by the weather and are more susceptible to corrosion. If left outside, as most planters are, your stone planter will only get closer to its demise with each passing day. If you really want a planter than can stand up to the elements, you want to go with a non-porous planter.

TerraCast Products creates genuine resin planters that are not only made to last, but are proven to do so. For over 30-years we have produced the highest quality planters, lighting, benches, and more. Check out our unmatched selection today!

Use this method to match your planters with the GenStone faux stone you already have installed inside or outside your home. Remember that you can customize the look of your faux stone by applying a little oil-based paint of your preference. Get artistic with it, and make the look your own.

Adding outdoor decor to your home or business to spruce it up can be as easy as adding some lovely planters to the design. There are so many options for outdoor planters that you might not know which types of planters to choose. Two types of planters to explore include ceramic planters and cast stone planters.

Ceramic pot and planters come in many different styles, colors, and designs. You can purchase this ceramics planter in natural tones or glazed for an extra aesthetically pleasing look. Ceramics planters come in different weights however they can be lighter than some other planter materials, such as cast stone or concrete.

By reviewing the advantages and disadvantages associated with ceramic planters, you can determine if this planter material is right for you or if you want to try planters made with a different material.

Another option for planter materials is cast stone. Cast Stone Planters are heavier garden planters that are built with longevity in mind. A cast stone planter is sturdy and durable, all the while looking great with its natural aesthetics.

By answering these questions and then comparing your answers with the planter descriptions above, you can decide whether a ceramic planter or cast stone planter is right for you. Whichever type of planter you choose, you can rest assured that the decision will result in the purchase of a lovely, useful planter for your home or garden.

The Maui Lava Stone Planter is an organic centerpiece perfect for displaying your favorite plants. Its natural stone formation gives it a warm, rustic charm that adds a unique character to any space. Whether you keep it on its own or fill it with lush greenery, this planter is sure to complete any room.

A: Concrete planters provide a heavy base for large plants, making them more stable than lighter materials. They also last longer and resist wear better than terracotta or plastic. Besides their durability and weight, concrete planters can be customized with many shapes, sizes and colors to add a unique decorative touch to any outdoor space.

Concrete planters and cement planter boxes are among the most popular exposed aggregate site furnishings that Ornamental Stone Inc. manufactures. From large concrete street planters made of aggregate stone to the colorful sleek Xinh collections, chances are we can provide the cement planter your looking for to complete your landscaping goals. Contact us today!

You can buy the planters for prices between 118.9 and 238.60 euros. They have different sizes and different shapes. Each one of them is handcrafted from limestone and resin and they have a textures surface. Despite the fact that they are made of these materials, the planters are surprisingly lightweight. This makes even more versatile. Moreover, they can be sued both indoors are outdoors. Place them in the garden, on the terrace or by the pool and they will make great decorations. You can also include them in your interior décor by placing them in the corner of a room or as a statement piece on a side table. The entryway could also benefit from some fresh decorations like these ones.

Choosing the perfect decorative rock, building stone or landscaping materials can be daunting, but we have lots of resources, inspiration and advice to help you choose confidently. Read more about soil, compost, decorative stones and much more in our resource center.

Minick Materials offers hundreds of products for commercial and residential applications in an outdoor space. We offer a large selection of flagstone, premium screened soils, sands, soil enhancing products, building stone, landscaping stones, manufactured stone veneers, thin veneer stone, Belgard pavers and walls, cannabis soil, and much more. Whether you're creating a new landscape design or wanting decorative stone coverage, Minick has a wide variety of colors, textures, and bulk rock for your perfect landscaping project.

Our Ecopots line of planters combines sustainability with durability. These eco-friendly plant containers are made from recycled materials and natural stone. Unlike the more common fiberstone and fiberclay planter pots, Ecopots are lightweight, shock and shatterproof, as well as frost and UV-resistant. Each planter features a unique handmade natural finish that offers a distressed or weathered-like textured appearance. Our Ecopots Collection can be characterized by clean and simple lines coupled with the use of natural and timeless colors. The wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors will perfectly complement any style of landscape design inside or outdoors.

The reason for the landscape fabric is to help keep the dirt from seeping out of the cracks. And you can see that we also put drainage rocks behind the planters to help prevent weeds from growing behind.

We had a curbing guy come add curbing to the backyard. It makes it look a little more professional with the distinct lines of separation. Our neighbor also filled the planters with dirt and we planted a couple things in them.

Overall we love our planters and we think they were worth the effort and cost. We really wanted to do something different in the back yard and over the years as it fills in and the trees mature, I think it will really be worth it!

Show your love and appreciation by including a sympathy keepsake, plaque, stone or planter to your order. These keepsakes will always be there to remind you or your loved ones of the wonderful memories for those that have passed on.

Hanging planters are a great solution for maximizing space for home décor and your plant collection. This concrete texture hanging planter is a subtle, yet modern take on plant styling with a subtle look that amplifies your greenery. Relaxing to the eyes, this planter makes a great décor hanging in a bright to medium light area and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. Ideal for small size plants, our planter is lightweight, equipped with a drainage hole, and made from recycled and organic composite materials.

Planters are one of the most basic garden accessories. Planters can hold real or artificial plants, trees, or shrubs. Even vegetable or flower gardens can be grown in containers. Planting in planters is easy because you have complete control of your soil, unlike planting in the ground. Plus, many plants come already planted in plastic containers, so all you have to do is take your pre-planted shrub, bush, or plant, and place it directly inside the concrete planter to make for easy moving and caring.

Consider buying cast stone planters to display plants and flowers at their very best. Our planter pots for sale add style and refinement to your polished lawn or garden with minimal effort. And as they age, their beauty enhances, looking like antique stones that generations of your family will love. Cast stone planters provide the stately appearance of concrete or stone planters, making them a must-have if you have plants that need to be placed in containers outdoors. 041b061a72


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