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Operation Flashpoint Resistance Full Game

The story takes place in 1982, three years before the events of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. The player takes on the role of an ex-special operations soldier, Victor Troska, who joins and comes to lead a resistance movement fighting against the Soviet Army, which has invaded his country.

Operation Flashpoint Resistance Full Game


In 1982, Victor "Viking Viki" Troska (voiced by Stephen Critchlow), is an ex-special operations soldier who has returned to his homeland of Nogova after years in exile serving with British special forces. Nogova is a small and quaint island nation whose coalition government has recently collapsed. The island is then invaded by the Soviet Union after some members of the Nogovan Communist Party betray the country and invite Soviet forces to overthrow the government and install a socialist puppet regime. Troska is approached by Nogovans who are resisting the Soviet occupation and asked to join them. Initially, Troska refuses to have any part in the fighting and rebukes them because he wants to put combat behind him and also he believes that any resistance will be futile and the inexperience of the partisans will get them killed. Later, a wounded guerrilla fighter being pursued by Soviet soldiers takes refuge in Troska's shed. When Soviet soldiers, led by Colonel Guba, arrive and threaten to shoot Troska and his friends if they do not co-operate, Troska is forced to make a decision: betraying the partisan, trying to negotiate with the Soviets or fighting off the Soviet soldiers and joining the resistance.

Codemasters have announced that a second add-on pack for award-winning Cold War combat game Operation Flashpoint is on the way. As the title suggests, Resistance will put you in the boots of a resistance fighter called Victor Troska, a former Soviet special forces soldier who finds himself in conflict with his former employers as they invade the island he has retired to. Acting as a prequel to the original game, Resistance takes place several years before the events of Operation Flashpoint and offers up a whole new island to battle your way across, featuring some hundred square kilometres of terrain. The focus this time is more on gathering recruits and equipment rather than romping around in helicopter gunships and tanks, as the resistance initially has few resources to fight off the Soviet invaders. Having said that, the game will add new weapons and vehicles to play with, as well as improved network code and a range of new multiplayer missions set on the island. We should know soon how this will stack up compared to the original game, as it's currently aiming for a June 21st release.

The Steyr AUG appears in the game. It is very rare and is used by US soldiers on only one occasion in a single mission. Mid-way through the Resistance campaign, the player can obtain a few of these rifles if they successfully receive the arms shipment from the Americans. Due to its accuracy and integral telescopic sight, the AUG is one of the best weapons the player has available to them at that point.

The XM177E2 is the standard issue weapon of US helicopter pilots and vehicle crews. Its function is very similar to the M16A2 except it has a full-automatic fire mode instead of the M16's burst mode and is a bit less accurate than the full length rifle. There is also a special version (added in the 1.30 update) with a generic red dot sight (with notches carved in it, funnily enough), designated the XM-177S, which is occasionally used by US 'black ops', who are the generic special forces soldiers in the game. For some reason, both the view and world models of the gun are missing their flash hider.

The MM-1 revolver grenade launcher appears in the game and is used by American heavy grenadiers in some missions. Very powerful, but it lacks any working sights and it's impossible to carry more than 12 grenades (that's one magazines' worth) at once, meaning that hitting anything at range requires guesswork, with only 12 tries to get it right. A very difficult weapon to use effectively unless you're fighting right next to a crate full of grenades for it.

Note: Since this interview was recorded, the Escape from Woomera project has received $25,000 in funding from the New Media Arts Board of the Australia Council1. This is financing the development of a playable demo of the game. Further funds will be required to realise the proposed game in its entirety. Another important development has been the closure of the Woomera Immigration Reception and Processing Centre, the remote South Australian refugee detention centre that was the focus of much protest. However, at the time of writing, the Australian Government?s policy regarding the detention of "asylum seekers" remains unchanged, and other IRPCs continue their operations around the country.

K: I don?t think it will necessarily offer any answers, but I think that the videogame is a subversive medium in which you can say subversive things. People have their "Free the Refugees" graffiti stencilled around town, and this is a form of "graffiti-like" cultural resistance. I suppose it?s broad, but there is a certain demographic whom I think it would resonate with, and at least raise it as an issue in their minds.


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